Week in Reflection, May 5-9

I try to write these reflections on the weekend, but perhaps I can be forgiven for skipping Mother’s Day weekend.  This time of year is so busy for teachers, isn’t it?  Even as things are wrapping up, which should make me feel lighter, I seem to have more to do than ever.

I have already reflected a little bit on last week in a previous post.

One thing that’s been on my mind this week is that it is taking quite a while for Amazon to ship my copy of Write Beside Them.  I would like to have it by June, so I am starting to wonder if I shouldn’t cancel my order and order directly from Heinemann.  I was so excited to save money by ordering from Amazon, but it’s taking unusually long, and I feel I should apologize to folks who ordered the book through my referral.

As I write this, I find I am not feeling particularly reflective at all because I can barely remember what I taught last week.  I think I will chalk it up to the time of year.  I do know that utilizing backward design has made all the difference in my teaching this year.  At this time of year when students have one eye on the calendar (and so do their teachers) and the other out the window, I am pleased to say we’re still learning and thinking and writing and reading.

Each year gets better, but I’ll save that reflection for the end.

2 thoughts on “Week in Reflection, May 5-9”

  1. I just checked on my order…Amazon does not have release date listed. I think I'll switch my order.

    I also took your recommendation about Understanding by Design (which I had been reading about on the ASCD website) and purchased a book and workbook on ebay (for only about $15 for both – plus shipping. I do love good deals!).

  2. Tammy, I noticed that about the release date, too. I'm going to wait a few more days, but after that, I suppose I'll pony up the extra $8 and order directly from Heinemann.

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