For many years I have had a policy against accepting guest posts and advertising. This policy has been enforced consistently. I included a checkbox in the contact form that used to appear here that senders needed to check to indicate that they understood this policy before they could send me an email.

Unfortunately, I still received too many requests to place ads, endorse materials, share links, or guest write for my blog. Before you contact me, let me answer the question: no, I am not interested in your idea for a guest post or ad. This is my blog, and I create all of its content.

As a result, I have removed the option to contact me through a form. You may leave a comment on an individual post or ask me a question via Twitter. I apologize to those folks who have legitimate questions, but I just cannot wade through all the unwanted emails.

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  1. Your Taming of the Shrew unit plan looks really great. Sadly, none of the Urban Dreams links are active anymore so the bulk of the referenced handouts are not accessible. Do you know where I might find them online? Thank you!

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