Advertising and Guest Blogging

Check out Scott McLeod’s post on advertising at Dangerously Irrelevant.

Ditto, Scott.

I have been approached by companies wanting to advertise on this blog, although to be honest, not in quite the same manner, thank goodness.  I loved Scott’s response.

I don’t like advertising on blogs.  If you want to do it, that’s fine, but I never click those links, and I admit it makes my flesh crawl a little.  I link to Amazon products, which is not the same thing in my opinion because it’s relevant to my post, and I use the referral fees to buy books for my classroom and for me.  Not to mention I earn very little in referral fees.  I also have complete control over the products that appear on my site.  Finally, Amazon never approached me asking to advertise.  To me, any ads on the site are a reflection of the owner, and if I cannot completely endorse every product that appears in ads, I won’t have them on my site.  Tools like Google AdSense generate links to products I might not necessarily endorse.  Once I was asked about advertising on my site, and when I checked out the company’s site, I discovered it was full of typos.  I don’t want anyone to think I endorse a product whose Web site looks like that.

I have also been approached by folks wanting to write guest posts, too.  This site is  My words, my thoughts, my opinions.  I speak for myself alone.  I pay for the hosting fees.  I do not speak for my employer.  I own all the language on my site.  Therefore, I can support and endorse everything that appears on the site.  Why would I allow a guest post?  It doesn’t make sense to me.  If someone is interested in blogging, they ought to start their own blog.  If they don’t have a lot of readers, then they need to work to earn them over three years like I have.

This site is mine.  Everything that appears on is mine unless attribution to someone else is provided.  I have put a lot of work into this site, and I am proud of that work.  Why would I compromise all that by accepting ads or guest posts?