Project: Utopia

Orwell StreetMy students began presenting their utopian (or dystopian?) projects (based on this UbD unit for Brave New World).

First of all, I think it was a fun project.  The students worked hard on it, for the most part, but I think I gave them too much time.  I noticed they got most of the work done the last two days.  I think I was afraid that learning how to use wikis would take them longer than it actually did.  Next time, I think I’ll make it a week-long project and leave it at that.  Also, I think in the future that I’ll require the students to create wikis.  I gave them more options this time, but I really liked the wiki format for constructing this project.

The students gave me permission to share their wikis with you.

Two more groups will present on Monday when our class meets again.

Image credit: LGagnon.

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2 thoughts on “Project: Utopia”

  1. I agree… what an excellent job yr kids did. I bet it was even more fun as their teacher. I REALLLLY enjoyed browsing the two presentations. Pls convey to your students that I have (also) been fortunate enough to instruct the best of the best and am not easily impressed. That's the only disadvantage that I can think of when a teacher is given the cream of the crop to teach.. you get ( I did, anyway) a little jaded because you (I) see sooooo many grand things.. but pls tell those students that this impressed (even) a person like myself.. who has seen sooooo many superior projects through the years. TREMENDOUS WORK… and vvvvvv interesting too



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