Mubarak Resigned

Protestors“Mrs. Huff, Mubarak resigned!” Jacob said.

“What?” I wasn’t sure I understood him correctly.

“Mubarak resigned. Egypt.”

“Really? No way.”

In moments, my Newspaper students were attempting to find the best coverage. We pulled up Twitter to see what people were saying. We read the Wikipedia article just updated. One student was shocked to learn there was an entire article devoted to the current events in Egypt. I said it might be merged into the larger Egypt article once the crisis died down. Jacob complained about the coverage in The New York Times. I said to check The Guardian—they usually had pretty good world news coverage. I pulled out my iPhone and opened my Guardian app. Sure enough, updates every few minutes or so. I read some of them to the students.

“He was president for 30 years, wasn’t he?”

“I think so.”

“Egypt is free,” Jacob said.

I have to say it was a really cool moment to be teaching Newspaper.

Creative Commons License photo credit: darkroom productions

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