Technology Integration Specialist

NewspaperMy school will have a Technology Integration Specialist next year.


I was offered the position a few weeks ago and readily accepted, but I waited until the announcement was made to my colleagues at work before discussing it here.

I will still teach English part time (two classes), which I view as a good thing because I love teaching English and also will be able to stay fresh as a classroom teacher. The rest my day will be devoted to professional development in technology for my colleagues and team teaching or working with colleagues integrating technology into their lessons.

I have no plans to change my domain name to reflect my new role, but you might find more technology around here, and you can expect that I’ll broaden my focus to include subjects aside from English from time to time. I hope you’ll stick with me on this new journey.

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9 thoughts on “Technology Integration Specialist”

  1. Dana,

    I hope you know how excited I am to be working with you more closely next year. Weber if very, very fortunate to have someone as talented as you to tap for this job. You model practical technology usage better than anyone I know. Thanks for everything you do and I know you're going to make a tremendous difference at Weber next year!

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