???This blog is in the doldrums, and I’m not sure how to pull it out yet. I always hate those posts in which people say they’re going to take a break from blogging, and I don’t really want to take a break, but I do want everyone to be aware I know I’m not writing much and what I’m doing feels more forced. Comments are by and large still kind, but more often I notice the odd cranky comment. It feels like crankiness is just sort of in the air.

It’s also March, and that’s a tough time of year. It’s hard this time of year. I often feel uninspired and really tired this time of year, and I think that’s normal for teachers.

All of the anti-educator rhetoric in the air is depressing. There is so much anger and uncertainty in the air.

I will work on it.

Meanwhile, I did hear that the NCTE conference proposal put together by Paul Hankins, Glenda Funk, Ami Szerencse, and me on the hero’s journey was accepted. Unfortunately, I will not be able to present with the Folger folks because the sessions were scheduled for the same time, but I am very excited about this presentation, and I hope to see you there. And that right there is a good reason to get out this malaise.

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10 thoughts on “Malaise”

  1. Congratulations! I know exactly how you feel. There are two more days until spring break, but this is the week my school is in the testing mode. The 11th graders are taking the GHSGT, the seniors are taking the Work Ready test, and the sophomores are taking mock GHSGT. I'm tired already and cannot wait until the break!

    1. All that testing! How do you guys do it! I have trouble doing everything I think is necessary for a good education in British literature and composition, and I am not even constantly interrupted by testing! (Jewish holidays are another matter.)

  2. Hope the new month makes you feel more positive about blogging. Don't stop – remember your visitors, even the ones who don't always comment!)

  3. I've found that when I have a life transition, my writing goes into hibernation while I catch up with myself. That makes for silences and crappy writing, which I hate. But I've come to know this and I try to cut myself some slack. After all, it's not every day that you're about to emerge from the chrysalis and stretch some beautiful new wings.

  4. Hi Dana,

    I suppose now is the time when I should tell you how grateful I am for your blog. It is a constant source of information and inspiration to me as a teacher and writer, so please don't stop! I am sorry that I have not checked in prior to this (although I think I did make contact with you a year or so ago). I suspect there are many of us "lurkers" out there who really enjoy and learn from you. Your fellows are correct: March is a tough month! Thanks for your honesty.

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