Happy Birthday, Blog

Fourth BirthdayToday is the fourth anniversary of my blog. In light of that fact, here are a few facts and statistics:

The first post on this blog was a review of Constance Weaver’s Teaching Grammar in Context. Since that post, I’ve made 564 posts (including this one).

The first commenter was Ms. Ris, who commented on my post about The Teacher’s Daybook by Jim Burke. Since that time, this blog has received 2,004 comments. Some were lost when I had a problem with a Web host.

Although readership is kind of hard to track, and I tend not to get caught up in readership stats for that reason, Feedburner reports that I have 683 subscribers to my RSS feed. Feedblitz reports that 57 people subscribe to posts by e-mail. If you want to subscribe, click here. I don’t check site statistics that often, so I was interested to learn that since I installed Statcounter (and I confess, I can’t remember at all when that was, so this next bit is fairly useless), my site has received 809,143 page views. Now, many of those are for subdomains that serve other areas of interest and many are for Google searchers who landed here and probably were not looking for my site. That number has nothing to do with readership. That much is evidenced by the fact that 68.9% of the last 500 visitors only stayed for 5 seconds or less. Then again, I haven’t updated in a few days, and some of those visits may in fact be regular readers who are checking to see if I’ve updated. (You can save yourself the trouble if you subcribe!)

I began this blog using Movable Type. Here’s a peek at what my blog looked like back in those days. Some time after I started this blog, I had a major problem with my Web host at that time (see a page I put up in the interim until I could fix it). Some time later, I came back with WordPress, and older readers might recognize this design. I have not changed the look of this place many times. My blog has only had those two looks and this current one with the exception of some slight experimentation that never lasted long.

If you are a newer reader, you may not have seen some of my older posts. Here are some of my favorite posts over the past four years:

In this time when some folks are saying blogging is dead, I have to say that nothing I have done for myself as an educator has helped me learn more and be a more effective teacher than starting this blog. Nothing else has contributed as much to my reflection and enabled me to connect with other teachers and learn from them like this blog has. Starting it was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I am glad and humbled by those who visit and find it useful for their own learning as well.

Happy birthday, blog!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Blog”

  1. Thank you, Dana, for blogging. Even if you hadn't learned anything, I personally want to thank you for sharing. I also have gotten a lot out of the discussions that have taken place here. I haven't always been a follower, but I have gotten so much out of your blog just in the short period I have been reading it. So, thanks again!

  2. Dana,

    Your reflection in the last paragraph is one that I think all teachers who are serious about growing as a professional should read. When I started writing regularly (mostly irregularly now), the same processes took place within me. I found myself learning in new ways, ways in which I hadn't known about before. Reading became an active pursuit once again, in that everything I read became a possible stimulus for writing.

    It also allowed me to think out loud, and for people to help me decipher whether or not I was making any sense.

    Thanks for writing, not only this post, but all of them.

  3. After finishing my 134th Word Press post this morning, I was feeling pretty good about myself. Thanks a lot for putting me back in my place. Congratulations on your faithfulness to the craft of writing and sharing ideas.

  4. Happy Birthday! In August I will begin my 4th year of blogging. It seems like forever. Your longevity (in terms of cyberspace) is to be commended.

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