English Companion Ning

I am so excited!  Some time ago, I mentioned that two English teachers I’d love to see blogging are Jim Burke and Carol Jago.  Jim Burke has created a Ning for English teachers, where, presumably, we can all look forward to regular posts in the form of blogs or forum posts from Jim!  And Carol is a member, too, so perhaps we can expect the same from her as well.  Some of you have already received an invitation from me to join the Ning, but if not, consider yourself invited and come on over.  Looks pretty active already.

3 thoughts on “English Companion Ning”

  1. I responded to Don via e-mail, but for others who happen by and haven't heard of Ning, it's a site where just about anyone can create a social network for just about any purpose. In this case, Jim has created one for English teachers. It's absolutely free to join and create Ning networks. They have forums and blogs in addition to the capability to share documents, photos, videos, and music (depending on the settings allowed by site administrators). Jim announced that this particular Ning is only viewable by members, but if you should join and decide it's not for you, you are under no obligation.

  2. The Ningdom of Jim is worth the price of admission (none). Yes, it's grown exponentially and yes, it's almost too big to follow now, but if you hone in on subjects that matter to you, you'll come away all the wiser.

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