2008 Education Blogosphere Survey

Scott McLeod has shared the results of his 2008 Education Blogosphere Survey:

I was a participant in the survey.  Some of the slides moved by too quickly for me to read, but interesting fact for me — the number of English teachers blogging outstrips other subjects (and math comes in second).  I imagine English teachers gravitate toward blogging because of the written expression aspect, and maybe that’s why, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

What surprised you most?

5 thoughts on “2008 Education Blogosphere Survey”

  1. It's always hard to tell just how long a slide should show and, admittedly, some of them just go by too quickly. I recommend that you download the PowerPoint or Acrobat versions. The images are nice and crisp and you can peruse at your leisure.

    Thanks for passing along the survey results (and for being a participant). Much appreciated!

  2. I was surprised how many more guys there were than women. In fairness, most of the blogs I follow are ELA teachers, which is a highly pink subject area… Maybe I'll start counting on Wednesdays…

  3. I was most impressed to see that ADS were not a high percentage….means people are blogging for thought rather than $$$.

    I am compiling a list of all the bloggers mentioned in the listing — which you are welcome to view here: http://jlwagner.pbwiki.com/Test

    However, I am going through the listing — and right now, I am finding it interesting that over 12% are no longer blogging — sites not working.

    PS I found your site by going through that listing!! 🙂

  4. I was glad to see that about ads, too. I personally despise them and use an ad-blocker extension on Firefox. Bloggers tend to be like teachers, I've found (interestingly enough) — there's a high attrition rate at the beginning, but those that stick to it more than a year or so usually stick to it for good. And welcome to my site!

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