Week in Reflection: March 17-21

This was a crazy week.  Monday was a teacher workday; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, our schedules were different from “normal”; and Friday was Purim — we didn’t have classes and spent the day celebrating.  The students were pretty good considering all the schedule disruptions.  I had a really good discussion with my senior class about a piece I asked them to read from Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat as well as two short videos we watched — Karl Fisch’s “Did You Know?” and an excerpt from The Simpsons — “Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore.”  We are making connections between Death of a Salesman and the plight of Willy Loman to modern issues of globalization, outsourcing, and living in “exponential times.”

My tenth grade class will turn in the final draft of their research papers tomorrow.  One hard worker has written something like ten drafts!  I am proud of all their hard work and have a suitable celebration in mind.  This week is a much more normal week, thank goodness.

We have 12th grade and 10th grade trips coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Spring break isn’t far off, either.

2 thoughts on “Week in Reflection: March 17-21”

  1. Hi Dana!

    Thanks for the quick response! I had to use a different post to write back—my reply was sent back. Is that normal? One comment? I'm new to blogs.

    I checked the archives, they only go back to 2005, but I am sure I read it this year. I need it to cheer me up on the days when I do yet another injustice to the material or wonder why I am trying so hard and only moving ahead so little or fume at people who think developing a course is way less work than it really is….

    I love my job, but it's demanding. I have turned to blogs to connect with other teachers because I never have time at work to do that!

    Anyway, you were, I think, behind in grading papers at the time you wrote, one of the reasons being you were developing this course. I think you aired some doubts about the book (like you hadn't read it in a while, or thought it might be too advanced -something like that), but the part I prized so much is that you definately confirmed the process is so demanding it leaves little time for anything else. I found that very comforting…like there was someone who UNDERSTOOD! I have been wanting to share it with another teacher in the same boat ever since (as well as hang it by the computer!)



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