Webquests and UbD Units

I created a UbD unit for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which my seniors read for summer reading.  Please check it and tell me what you think.  The webquest for the unit can be accessed here.

Also, I created the webquest for my UbD unit on Brave New World.

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3 thoughts on “Webquests and UbD Units”

  1. It seems we do much of the same literature! Mo wonder I love your blog! My seniors had to read Cuckoo's Nest over the summer and e-mail me a paper selecting one of the following topics:

    1.Show how emphasis is on external action or the emphasis on mental processes in order to reveal and explore a character.

    2. Explore the literal and symbolic murders committed in the novel.

    3. Discuss the main conflict looking at: sane vs. crazy, man vs. machine and wild form of masculinity vs asexual women.

    They will have kept reader's notes that will be due the second week of school as well as a creative presentation that will also be given the second week of school. I was thrilled to see your web quest. I will keep it in mind for next year or when ever I assign this novel again. You have some great links! Thank you!

  2. We do so much of the same literature! No wonder I love your blog! I will certainly try to incorporate some of your ideas when I teach Cuckoo's Nest and Brave New World. Where do you get the great pictures for both assignments?

  3. Carol, check out the Credits area of both webquests (on the bottom). I gave links to the image credits. Thanks for the kinds words.

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