8 thoughts on “Video or Podcast”

  1. WOW.. I didnt expect to see my name in lights!

    I am soo glad you are going to try and tape it

    And, Dana, thx for the comment/suggestion on how to hyperlink- but there is no such doo hickey when I blog.

    There is just a CheckMark and ABC.. for spell check, nothing else

    I have decided that it's because I am on a MAC. If you ever come to HHI on vacation, maybe you can show me:))

    thx. SL

  2. no ireaR if you will see this (mis) placed comment… guess i got my prvebial panties in a wad since I typically (intentionally) write in non-standard Eng– thatz when I manage to put together more than a few coherent sentences… Soooo, after yr admonishment, I abandoned reading which was really silly on my part. I re-found yr blawg after a (rndowm) site meter hit on mmlb. That said, I wish you all the best in '09. 'sides "odd years typically (I m slightly superstitous tend to be better than "even" ones If You Get What'mSayingHere. Hays off tou you. And apologies for the parallelism diatrbe I found myself obsessing @

    Best, SL… After all, yr blwg, yr words… even if I take issue w/ some of the more Grammar Nazi ones. Can't help it if I put you on a deserved English pedestal

    1. I think you're misrepresenting what happened. I never called you out on your writing until you had corrected mistakes of my own — several times — and after that point, I felt I should point out that I didn't think it was very fair to correct others. I still don't, and in fact, it is a part of my comments policy. I usually notice errors and fix them. I am more interested in the ideas that others post here to discuss.

  3. Yr right, Dana… I wouldn't like that one eensy bitsy eiter. Apologies for not ececising better judgment

    Yr blawg is simply supah— thx YW



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