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Most of you reading this right now probably blog already, and many of you use wikis, too.  I have given a presentation at a GISA conference on using blogs and wikis in the classroom, but I was also really sick that day and don’t feel I did a good job.  I am determined to do a better job in front of my colleagues at a presentation I will be giving on January 2.  Those of you who use blogs and wikis in the classroom might be able to help me.  What do you wish someone had told you or taught you prior to using these tools?  What piece of advice would you give educators beginning to use these tools?  If you have used blogs or wikis in the classroom, can you point me toward those resources so that I can share them?

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  1. This may not be what yr looking for, but it worked well for me last year (I am retired now)


    If the link doesn't work, let me know if you would like one that might.

    Also this district, Beaufort County SC, successfully implemented (1993) something called "Learning with laptops" Short version, every middle schooler had laptops at affordable prices, or could. (some schools launched better programs than others) .. Later they developed more finely tuned "schools w/in schools" I was on HHIMATS (Hilton Head Island Maths and Technology Scientists) (2000-2003) that group of 6th, 7th, 8th graders had laptops (100%) and also Jornadas (hand helds) The latter were free through a grant.

    E-mail me if you want the names of specific peeps who were instrumental in such (Learning w/ laptops, the handhelds etc)

    Good luck w/ yr upcoming presentation.

    Pllllllease do Tape it and podcast it for yr interweb admirers!


  2. I like your honesty, and that you are using the technology to reach out.

    With any tech talk, I think it's useful to divide up the choices among something like this (beta!)

    1. Easy ("I'll pay a service to make it simple")

    2. Free ("I'm patient")

    3. Control Freak (Early Adopter)

    Good luck!


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