Twenty Most Common Writing Errors

I presented my session on using blogs and wikis in the classroom at GISA’s conference last Monday.  I think it went OK, but it might have gone better.  I was glad it was in a computer lab.  I do think the materials I handed out were first rate, but I was feeling sick, so perhaps my actual presentation was off.  Who knows?  A few people were nice and thanked me.  I kept wishing I had some of you with me to talk about how you use blogs and wikis in your classroom, but I worked with what I had.  It was nice of the host school to put me in a computer lab so we could visit different blogs and wikis.

The session I attended in the afternoon was presented by Jim Stelljes from Marist School.  The subject was the twenty most common writing errors.  I thought it was great, and Jim encouraged us to share his handouts.  One handout was a double-sided list of all the errors with examples of both incorrect and correct versions, so students can identify and avoid the errors.  He also shared with us a Power Point presentation, which I recreated to share with my own students.  You can download the presentation here: On the Write Track.  I don’t have copies of the handouts available on disk.  They were fairly detailed, and I don’t plan to reproduce them on my own; however, if it sounds like something you want copies of, just use my contact form and give me an address to mail them to, and I’ll be happy to do so.

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