Phrases Jeopardy

Some time ago, I gave detailed instructions for creating a Jeopardy game with MS Power Point.  I was excited about a new software program that purports to do the same thing, but is much less cumbersome; however, I haven’t been able to get it to work.  When I try to save the game, the program crashes.

Oh, well — back to the tried and true.  For those of you grammar teachers who want a handy review for phrases (adjectival and adverbial prepositional phrases, verbals, and appositives), feel free to steal download my Phrases Jeopardy Power Point.  I’ll tell you, this was great on the SMART Board!  Instead of Double Jeopardy, I created three lighting round questions.

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  1. I'm a Teachers Ed student as well as a Computer Instructor in Illinois, and I have been working for about a year on my own Jeopardy presentation software (entitled "Jeoparty", pun intended) which I have used in review sessions to energize students. I just finished the latest update to it, and in doing so, I happened across several blogs/sites such as yours explaining how to make a game using a slide show. While I have honestly been working on my program largely for my own amusement and benefit, I would love for you (or any of your readers) to try it out and let me know what you think – while there are a fair number of valuable features as is, I would be happy to take any input you might have into consideration the next time I find free time. Thank you!

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