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Saving for a Laptop

I have begun saving for a new laptop, as I cannot find any teacher laptop initiatives at the current time.  Until I have saved enough money to purchase a laptop, you will see a link at the bottom of my posts.  If the spirit moves you, you can follow the link to help me save for a new laptop.  By no means should you feel obligated to help, even if you have downloaded one of my free handouts or used free lesson plans.  If I wanted to make this site a paid-content site or if I wanted to raise money through advertising, I would have done so by now.  I haven’t ruled out offering exclusive content for a small fee, but that is some time down the road.  A new link also appears in the sidebar to a page detailing the reasons why I am interested in buying a new laptop.

Thanks for reading.  I am always amazed by the feedback I receive from my readers, and I truly appreciate being part of the edublogger community.