Spring Break

Since I work at a Jewish school, our Spring Break is timed with Passover. We have two weeks off this year. I think it is because a lot of our students go out of town to observe Passover. I am definitely not complaining. I need the time to re-energize. It is so nice to have the luxury of time to waste. I have actually even been playing video games!

I do have to grade some papers — it seems like English teachers never get out of that one, do they? — and one of my co-workers pointed out that I created a sense of enslavement for myself when this holiday is about freedom from slavery. At any rate, my Writing Seminar’s research paper first drafts must be graded before we go back so they can get started on the final drafts.

I also want to finish my reading project: Understanding by Design Professional Development Workbook. In my personal blog, I often review books I read. The fact that I don’t have many any book reviews here indicates to me that I should probably be doing more professional reading. When I finish my professional books, I’ll review them here.

On the other hand, it is Spring Break. And a huge part of me wants to waste it playing video games.

2 thoughts on “Spring Break”

  1. I vote for video games.

    We spent our spring break doing NOTHING. Well, except sleeping late, staying up late, and eating all kinds of bad food (remember we have a 2-year old); and going to the zoo and flying kites. No grading whatsoever was done despite the quantity that needed to get done. It was the first time I had refused to set an agenda for myself over a break, and it was great.

  2. I hear you, my friend! I'm lucky enough too, to have Spring Break this week and of course, I'll be spending time grading some essays in between entertaining houseguests. I didn't realize you had a personal site, so I'll be checking out those book reviews! Have a good one.

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