Never Forget

Holocaust Remembrance

Holocaust Remembrance

Holocaust Remembrance

Holocaust Remembrance

Today is Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Rembrance Day. Never forget. The teenagers walking through this memorial in Boston are Jewish. Some of them lost family members in the Holocaust or are the descendants of survivors. I love the kids in these photos; it is a fact that had they lived during the Holocaust instead of today, they might have been the victims of atrocities beyond our comprehension. We will never know the scope of our loss, how empty our lives are because of the loss of 11 million people in the Holocaust, including 6 million Jews.

Never forget.

6 thoughts on “Never Forget”

  1. Can you please email me with how this holiday ir normally celebrated? I was thinking about teaching Night to my students about this time next year, and now I know it coincides well. Cool.

  2. I attended high school in a Department of Defense school in Munich, Germany, just down the road from Dachau. I have been to that camp. Before it became the museum it is now, it was frightening. Now, the experience of the museum is shattering — the inexpressible evil that occurred must never be forgotten, and decent humans must do all that they can to see that it never happens again. Not ever, and not to anyone.

  3. One of the things we should all be doing is educating ourselves about the current situation in Darfur and doing what we can to help. Unfortunately, genocide is not absent from our world today.

    Debbie, I e-mailed you. A Judaics instructor at my school said I could put you in touch with him if you need more help.

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