Risha Mullins and Censorship

Banned Books Week 2010 PosterDrop everything and go read this post at Risha Mullins’s blog.

It is amazing to me that with the evidence in their hands that what Mullins was doing was working, the principal and superintendent—and even department members—railroaded Mullins into quitting. She is a brave person, and I admire her grace under fire. If I were a school administrator, her willingness to stand up for her kids and their learning would make we want to hire her.

I have never been in her shoes, and I pray I never will be. Donalyn Miller said last week on Twitter that she noticed it seems to be parents who don’t read who challenge books, and I think it’s very true. The parents at my school are very literate and supportive of their children reading. I am grateful every day for the place where I teach, the students I teach, and the parents that support my students’ learning.

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5 thoughts on “Risha Mullins and Censorship”

  1. I agree, Dana. I can't even imagine going through what she has. Reading her story hit me hard, and I wish I could've been involved in the #SpeakLoudly discussion yesterday evening. Risha Mullins is a hero in my book!

  2. Thanks so much for posting about me when I finally wrote about the censorhip I faced in KY. I am no longer at KY teacher and have reposted my original entry.

    Your support means so much. Thanks!

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