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Without realizing it, I seem to have hit upon a hot topic in the technology in education blogosphere with my post about student blogging yesterday. I was simply thinking about concerns I have about my own students — and reminded that I had meant to post about those concerns by Bud Hunt.

I have been visiting the posts written by others, and I wanted to say that I wholeheartedly encourage the use of technology in education. I have found blogs and wikis a valuable resource. My students aren’t yet participating as much as I’d like, but I see some real potential. What scares me is the “blogging” they do on their own time. I am concerned that they are posting things that could lead to their harm. I think it is our job as educators to, well, educate them about the dangers online. Actually, I think it is the job of parents, but I have to wonder how many of my students’ parents can possibly know they have sites when I read the things they post on them. I floated the notion of having a learning session with students during one of our morning programs, but I haven’t yet heard from the powers that be.

That said, I think benefits outweigh the risks, and I hope that was clear.

You can read some excellent posts on this topic at:

If you’ve seen others, let me know.

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  1. Hi, While tech in edu is still a hot topic, why can't we come up with new things directly/indirectly connected to technology, like creativity and web2.0? Technology thrives on creativity, and web2.0 is online technology, which could possible become even bigger…(think webct, blackboard and more) I have tried tieing TEFL, web2.0 and creativity into a TEFLOMATIC knot, and yet, I don't see as the only possibility…

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