Google Earth for Teaching

I’m in the second session of Edubloggercon. Our focus is using Google Earth for teacher curriculum and student projects.

Tom Woodward of Bionic Teaching described a project based on Whirligig. He mentioned he would like to see Google Earth integrated into the curriculum, specifically geography and history. It can be an “interactive 3-D notebook” that can really help students see places and events. He also mentioned using Swivel.

I had never heard of SketchUp until it was mentioned in this session. Vinnie Vrotny shared Fred Bartels’ work with SketchUp.

Lucy Gray mentioned her Google Earth Meme.

I’m interested in figuring out ways to integrate Google Earth into English. Any English teachers out there using it? How?

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4 thoughts on “Google Earth for Teaching”

  1. A colleague of mine has used Google Maps (but not Earth) for memory mapping. It would probably work with Google Earth as well. Students construct a memoir using markers on Google Maps. It works because the markers on the maps allow you to add notes. A student could also simply write a companion text to be published alongside the map.

  2. I was actually thinking it might be interesting to try using Google Earth with a study of The Bean Trees. That novel is so dependent on settings, and I think seeing the places in other ways might be really interesting. I think it would be cool to stick Jesus.Is.Lord.Used.Tires where it's supposed to go, you know? Maybe even design the sign for the place? It could be really cool for The Great Gatsby, too.

  3. I like the idea of being able to create the actual places for the students especially for setting reliant works. It'd be really fun to have things made in sketchup to match the novel. I didn't take that kind of time but the photos in Whirligig are all from the actual places mentioned in the book and they're all CC licensed. I thought that was pretty amazing. I'd look up the most random location and poof there was a picture taken there.

    You have to love sharing-


  4. Not sure if this link was shared in the conversation, but lots of ideas here –
    I believe he is presenting at NECC, as well.

    As a HS Media Specialist, I'm always on the lookout for integrating subject areas as well as technology tools. So, please share if you try The Bean Trees!

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