Global Connections and Flat Classroom Ideals in a Web 2.0 World

One of the things that jumps out at me as I hear various stories (we are in a circle introducing ourselves) is that Flat Classroom Ideals are perfectly suited for UbD curriculum and unit planning. Many of the teachers mention that the curriculum as it currently stands in their schools impedes the introduction of the kinds of projects Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis were able to construct.

What makes an effective international project? Julie and Vicki are interested in responses to this question.

Vinnie Vrotny says students need to “actively collaborate within in the same window of time.” How would this work with two (or more) groups spread across time zones?

Vicki mentions that a lot of the work they are going to have to do will necessarily be “asynchronous” simply because of time zone differences. Everyone seems to feel some synchronous collaboration is necessary.

Kristin Hokanson mentions the need for administrative support. Vicki says administrators need to “pull over to the side and let them pass” — administrators must get on board with Web 2.0 technology.

Take a look at the wiki Vicki created during the session: Global Connections.

One thing that strikes me upon reflecting over this session is the sheer excitement about teaching and learning I am seeing among teachers who are actively using Web 2.0 technologies in their classrooms. Having experienced it to a small degree myself, I cannot wait to try to be much more involved in the future.

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3 thoughts on “Global Connections and Flat Classroom Ideals in a Web 2.0 World”

  1. You are emerging as a leader in this new world of Web 2 and remind me of myself a few months a go. Keep contributing and thank you for coming to the session today — I've been workin on the notes a bit and hope you'll help add to them, we lost a little bit of them!

  2. Dana–

    It is a change isn't it, to see excitement about teaching and learning…Let's hope we are able to bring a little of this exitement back to our schools and begin to move them towards the 21st Century

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