GISA Confusion

As I have previously mentioned, I am presenting a session on using blogs and wikis in the classroom at the GISA conference this fall.  I was reading through the descriptions of the afternoon sessions (mine is a morning session) so I could decide what to take, and I was more than a little dismayed to discover someone else is doing pretty much exactly the same session as I am doing in the afternoon.  I am not upset at the other presenter at all.  In fact, I think it’s great that so many teachers are using blogs and wikis and want to show other teachers how.  I do, however, think it is redundant to have two sessions on the same topic, even if they’re at different times.  I think it may take participants away from both of us.  I wonder how it is that GISA managed to make this mistake.  If the other teacher’s proposal arrived before mine, they should have told me they already had a session on that topic, thank you very much, or vice versa.

Well, here’s hoping we will both still have success.