Essential Edublogging: The Reflective Teacher

One of the things I like about the Reflective Teacher is that he posts frequently and honestly about his classroom — what works and what doesn’t. He shares his ideas. I think more than many education bloggers, he really treats the edublogosphere like a faculty lounge. Frankly, I think too many folks are in such desperate teaching circumstances that they need their education blog to vent and kvetch about their jobs. I don’t begrudge them that, and I often commiserate, having been in some not-so-pleasant teaching circumstances at other points in my career. However, it is refreshing to see Mr. Teacher’s enthusiasm, not to mention the fact that his site is really attractive and he makes really pretty handouts. He has an eye for document/web design.

In addition to his regular blog, Mr. Teacher also administrates Think, Pair, Share. This blog was orignally a compendium of lessons, but I think Mr. Teacher has had trouble getting submissions; that’s just the way it is in education — we are, for the most part, stretched too thin. It’s a shame because ideas like this are wonderful ways to learn new approaches to our curricula. He plans to continue contests for lesson plans and to update the site with links to relevant educational sites.

Which education blog do you have trouble doing without?

2 thoughts on “Essential Edublogging: The Reflective Teacher”

  1. Yr vvvvv welcome, Dana (@ my comment below).. it was all written in absolute sincerity.

    Thx for the link to this blog too. I can spend tomorrow in his archives.. and as I commented on his blog.. when I figure out how to link, I will.. but zero readership aint gonna increase yr following a whole lot… But so what. Practice is Just that, practice in writing.

    As I just wrote, the only downside of retirement is Ya Gotta Get dinner on the Table Nightly.. Taint No Excuse for an excuse.. specially when yr babies are grown! (ages 23 and 24) And w/ that written, I gotta do Just that… get dinner done..

    How's the novel goan? I hope you didn't give it up cuz ya got the flu.


    PS.. Will it be automatically published ir December?

  2. Whoa! Thanks, Dana, for the great writeup and the links! (I've gotta get back to work at Think, Pair, Share, though. There are several things I'd like to add there before I forget about them.

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