Down Time

I want to apologize for the down time on this site. About midnight last night, I began uploading a newer version of WordPress via FTP to my site so that I could upgrade. Right in the middle of this process, my host, Bluehost, crapped out in a spectacular fashion. I was tired and went to bed, figuring there was little I could do about it until Bluehost fixed things on their end. Now that they have, I have finished my upgrade and am now running WordPress 2.1 on this blog. The reason none of my other blogs were affected is that I was not in the middle of uploading files to those blogs. I think that because my upgrade was only about half done, it “broke” my blog for a while.

On that note, I have to say that up until a few months ago, I loved Bluehost and would have recommended them to anyone who wanted to run a website. In the last few months, however, incidents like last nights’ have been fairly frequent. Steve’s crime blogs were hosed right as a major story was breaking. He’s way too ADD to fix something like that without my help, and I was out of town, so to the best of my knowledge, they’re still broken. It takes a few margaritas before I am willing to tackle his sites when they break. So for now, he’s blogging at Blogger’s Blogspot domain. Bluehost wasn’t very helpful when he contacted customer support. In the past they have been extremely helpful, but this time, Steve was basically told the problem was his fault. A few days later all of us Bluehost sites received an e-mail saying otherwise (and deeply apologetic). So lately, I can’t say I’m very happy with Bluehost, but I’m not willing to jump ship entirely. My hope is that their current troubles are so many bumps in the road and will be fixed soon.

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