Classroom Purchases

My daughter Maggie and I went shopping today, and I made some interesting purchases for my classroom:

Each book is a collection of 180 class activities that can be used as warm-ups, homework, or extra credit.  I plan to use most of them as warm-ups, but I think some of them will be good full-lesson assignments on their own.

Here is a sample from the Spelling & Grammar book:

Where in the Whirled?

In the next five minutes, brainstorm as many words as you can that contain the letters, w, h, and e.

What is the longest word you came up with?  How many words did you think of that contain w, h, and e, but don’t begin with any of those letters?

This series is published by the makers of SparkNotes.  They also have vocabulary, test prep, and math books.

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  1. My apologies – my comment ended up in the post below…here is where it belongs.

    Thank you so much!

    It is always so helpful to see a list of resources on a blog. As an emmerging teacher, it helps me breathe a sigh of relief when we, as a community are helping eachother out!

    Thanks again!!!

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