Write Beside Them: Summer Professional Development Project

Write Beside ThemBecause I purchase The Teacher’s Daybook each year for my lesson planning, Heinemann sends me catalogs and fliers about publications quite often. In my mailbox today, I received a promotional flier for Penny Kittle’s Write Beside Them. I was intrigued enough to check out the book’s page at Heinemann’s site. I watched the sample videos, poked around for a bit, and decided to make this book my summer professional reading project.

I started to order the book from Heinemann’s website and was pleased to discover that I would receive a small discount, but I was rather shocked at the high shipping price. With tax and shipping, the book was fairly pricey at over $38. I checked out the book at Amazon and discovered that while I didn’t receive as large an initial discount as I would have if I had ordered directly from Heinemann, the book was eligible for free shipping, which brought the price down to a more reasonable (for me) $30.80.

So… who’s in? Who wants to read this one with me this summer? We can have our own online professional development book club.

11 thoughts on “Write Beside Them: Summer Professional Development Project”

  1. Can pre-service teachers join in? I plan on teaching middle or high school in metro Atlanta in the Fall and I'm grabbing every good book I see!

  2. I would love to join in. I have recently subscribed to your blog, and I enjoy observations from within education. I have also been looking for some new strategies for teaching writing, so this would be great!!

  3. I just purchased the book…or rather reserved my copy. Do you know when this will be released?

    I look forward to this opportunity!

    Thanks for caring and sharing!

  4. Sounds intriguing. I'd love to join. Shall we create a wiki and create a schedule for reading? I suggest a schedule b/c I tried initiating a book club with faculty from my school last year. Because we set no framework, it fizzled a bit with people reading the books at different times, stifling our ability to discuss.

    I'm excited about learning alongside colleagues from around the globe!

  5. Stephanie and Tammy, welcome aboard. Tammy, the book is being released today.

    Lisa, a wiki sounds great. We can also use it to discuss, post ideas and journal entries, and lots of other things, I am sure.

  6. I don't know where in Atlanta yet. I went to school in Gwinnett so that's all I know and I've applied there. I just moved to East Atlanta so the closer the better, too.

  7. That Teacher's Daybook looks awesome, but yet I can't find it anywhere to order it yet. The link on Heinemann's site doesn't work. How did you get/order yours for 2008-2009?

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