Where are All the Other Subjects?

I am really excited about the possibilities at the UbD Educators wiki, and I am thrilled with the discussions taking place over there. I have had some very helpful feedback that has allowed me to create what I think is a solid UbD/Web 2.0 unit.

But all the teachers over there are English teachers.

Now, it could be that my blog mainly appeals to other English teachers, and I would understand if it did. I do tend to read the blogs of other English teachers and technology specialists, myself. However, I also invited other teachers through the Carnival of Education, and Dan Meyer, who teaches math, was kind enough to give us a plug, too.

If you teach a subject besides English, please come on over, and don’t be daunted if you are the only one at first. I think we English teachers would be happy to give you feedback about units outside our subject matter, and in fact, you might even get great feedback that way simply because we don’t teach your subject. In other words, we can perhaps help you see the unit from the point of view of your students. The centerpiece unit in Understanding by Design is a unit on nutrition, and I have to say I thought it looked really engaging. In addition, we can all certainly help you look at your unit from a UbD standpoint. We would love to have you in the conversation, so please join us!

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