Weber in the News

Some of you may recall our school’s construction made the news last September due to a threat by Fulton County’s BOE to seize our property through eminent domain. The school system backed down, and construction has continued. Along with a small contingent of our faculty, I toured our new building in June. I was surprised to open the paper this morning to see a story about the contruction, along with picture of our group. Unfortunately, the picture wasn’t reprinted in the online edition of the article, but you can read it here (use Bug Me Not to bypass registration). I couldn’t find the picture at our school’s web site either, but if you have access to the print edition that includes the NorthSide supplement for residents of North Fulton and Cherokee Counties, you can see pictures of our group and building on p. ZH9. I am the one in the cuffed jeans and black sweater with my hands in my back pockets.