Consider this post a public service announcement.

Back in mid-August, I ordered two posters from the website poster outfitter UrbanPosters.com. September came and went, and they had not arrived. Furthermore, the company did not respond to numerous e-mails regarding my order. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but the company has yet to respond to that complaint as well. I’m out about $27, which is not a lot, but much more disturbing to me than the fact that I lost money is the fact that the company ignored repeated requests and a BBB complaint. I have rarely received such shoddy customer service anywhere. I would urge you strongly not to do business with this company and to spread the word around.

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3 thoughts on “UrbanPosters.com”

  1. I too was ripped off by urbanposters….a month went by, no poster and no response to emails and phone number not working. Bank reversed charges and told BBB. This place needs to be put out of business.

  2. Hello sorry for your bad experience. This is from Urbanposters.com Prior to October it was business as usual. Then a credit card processor continued to jerk us around and hold all of our funds, it was a battle to have them released and took all of our time. Well they have won because we are a small company. We are in the process of converting our website into an affiliate of art.com and/or allposters.com. As a note and I really am sorry for your troubles we were shipping posters for 8 + years on time.

  3. Kevin, I'm afraid the apology rings hollow in light of the fact that the company was repeatedly contacted regarding not just my order, but others. I have had several people share bad experiences with this company after I posted this here and at my other blogs. I never did receive part of my order, and you never responded to the BBB complaint I made either.

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