Urban Posters 2

It looks like UrbanPosters.com shipped my order today, almost exactly three months after I ordered it.  I still have not received feedback regarding the lateness or the multiple e-mails, or the BBB complaint, and I suppose I don’t expect to now, as they will feel they fulfilled their end of the bargain.  I am not satisfied, however, and will still not order from them again.  Three months for posters they said they had in stock is ridiculous.  Amazon does better with out of print materials than that!

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5 thoughts on “Urban Posters 2”

  1. I placed a Christmas order on November 23, 2007 and have not recieved it. I have called them three times and left messages and e-mailed them eight times. All with no response! Is this company for real. I plan to contact the BBB. NO ONE should order anything from this company!!!

  2. I placed an order in Dec. I received one order update in early January, but nothing since. I am still waiting and sent inquiries to both of the their listed emails and as yet, have heard nothing. I agree, this is very frustrating.

  3. My credit card was billed back in NOVEMBER, and I have yet to receive my order! I have called all their numbers, faxed and emailed COUNTLESS times. When you call, their phone message says that they will return calls/emails within 48 hours, but it's been MONTHS and I have been completely ignored. Isn't it illegal to charge someone's card before you ship? Today I finally decided I had enough, and called my credit card company to refund my money. Absolutely the WORST company I have ever dealt with. What a bunch of slimeballs!

  4. Ive had similar experiences. Does anyone want to file a class action lawsuit? Lets do something about this. Is there a lawyer to contact in MD that can take them to court?

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