UbD Unit Plans

After finishing Understanding by Design, I created two units:

  • Apostrophes (9th grade Grammar, Comp., and Lit.)
  • Beowulf (11th grade British Lit. and Comp.)

If you are familiar with UbD (or even if you aren’t), I’d appreciate feedback.  You can contribute to discussions at UbD Educators wiki without joining the wiki.

I can’t remember if I shared my schedule for next year.  Of course, exact class periods, etc. are still up in the air, but I will be teaching the following courses:

  • 9th College Prep Grammar, Composition, and Literature
  • 9th College Prep II Grammar, Composition, and Literature
  • 10th Writing Seminar II (Writing Seminar I is a ninth grade course)
  • 11th College Prep British Literature and Composition (1st semester)
  • 12th College Prep Short Story and Composition (1st semester)
  • 12th College Prep Drama and Composition (2nd semester)

I will also be advising the National Honor Society and helping with the GISA Literary Meet.

So if you are teaching or advising any similar classes or activities, I will be willing to collaborate and share.

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