I never have enough time to teach everything I want to teach — at least not the way I want to teach it.  I have found myself frustrated this year after writing some very good UbD units, only to find I have to cut out parts in order to finish the work in the amount of time I have available.  I have also had to contend with Jewish holidays, our peculiar school schedule, and shorter class periods.  When I taught public school, each class period was at least 50 minutes long.  My classes work out to be 45 minutes long each day (one day is a double period of 90 minutes, but we have class only four days of week, so the average is 45 minutes).  Five minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but over the course of a week, that’s an average of nearly a half hour.  I just don’t feel as though I really do justice to some of the topics I teach as a result.

How do you cope with the time crunch?

One thought on “Time”

  1. Poorly.

    *sigh* Don't SAY things like this. I look up to you so much, and I look forward to being as skilled a teacher as you are. And if YOU'RE still struggling with things like these, that means there's no way there's any hope for me! ;D

    I've been thinking on a reply … really, since you first posted this. I wish I had something constructive to say, but I'm afraid I don't. I don't know how to fix this.

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