Teacher 2.0

What does the wired teacher of the 21st century look like?

I’ll be the first to admit I’m scratching my head about the use of some technologies in the classroom — cell phones for instance. On the other hand, I am right on board with wikis and blogs.

If I was not convinced before how powerful wikis can be, I was thoroughly convinced when I booted up the computer and went to check UbD Educators wiki for updates. I recently created a Resources page with a few links. I decided not to go too crazy because I knew my colleagues at the wiki would add a few. And so they did. For some reasons, this was a real “a-ha moment.” I knew they were a powerful tool for collaboration, but knowing it and understanding it are somewhat different, and I think I finally understand. I have really left the power of the wiki untapped, I think.

Which kind of makes me wonder what other technological tools I’ve left untapped.

I heard a bit of a rumor that we might have Moodle on our school’s website next year, so I have restrained myself from creating any social networks for my students until I know more about plans for next year. I don’t want to duplicate anything that my school is already putting in place. I still would like to collaborate with other schools around the country and the world on wiki projects next year.

I am excited for the next school year.

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