Grammar and UbD

One startlingly clear lesson I have learned from UbD is that my trusty grammar text has the grammar unit all out of order in terms of how they should best be organized.

It makes sense to me that students should learn mechanics first — spelling tricks, punctuation, capitalization. Yet they are at the end of the grammar text. Considering the importance of these tools in creating good writers, I’d put them before learning about phrases, clauses, and passive voice.

But give you one guess how I’ve been teaching grammar? If you said “marching through the textbook in order of presentation,” you get a gold star. OK, that’s the bad news. The good news is that I know better now, and I won’t do it anymore.

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One thought on “Grammar and UbD”

  1. I think you can teach those skills in/alongside w/the parts ofspeech,

    but that'sneither herenor there.What I +do+ feel strongly@ is which part of speech toteach first,and ittoo is at the +back+of the book.My choice,weirdasit seems (forgrades6+)is START w/prepositions.Once the runts can knockout thosephrases,there isn'tmuch left for them to+guess+

    Sorry @ howthis reads,space bar sticks..asu can see


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