Summer Reading and Plans

I do not have grad school classes this summer, so I will be taking advantage of the time to really work on professional development, plan, and read for pleasure. I document my pleasure reading at another blog, Much Madness is Divinest Sense; an RSS feed from that blog appears in the right sidebar.

I want to read or re-read the following books this summer:

In terms of planning, I want to really write some good units using UbD and make sure the year flows and is connected by large ideas and that students can see explicit relationships among the literature selections, concepts, and writing assignments. I want to also integrate grammar instruction more with literature. I’d like to be more involved at the English Companion Ning and also try to read Kelly Gallagher’s book Readicide, as he’s conducting discussion at the Ning.

2 thoughts on “Summer Reading and Plans”

  1. Okay, Dana…I've fallen off the earth, UbD-wise (has there been any action at the wiki lately? I suppose I could look.). To motivate myself, mainly (I think you are a much better summer worker than I), I challenge you to three UbD units bfore back to school. I know I can't promise more since we're moving.

    Are you in?

    1. You're on!

      The UbD wiki gets a lot of lurkers, I believe, but there is a small core of true users who actually change pages. No edits have been made in a long time.

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