Resource Wednesday: Shelley’s Ghost

Starting today, Wednesday posts will feature a close-up of a particular resource, tool, or lesson plan. This week’s resource is the Bodleian Library’s exhibition Shelley’s Ghost.

At the website you will find images of letters, drafts, portraits, and items owned by the Shelleys as well as multimedia such as podcasts (Harriet Westbrook Shelley’s suicide note is particularly chilling). They also include lesson ideas for teachers.

You can also find their competition entrants (yours truly included) discussing what the Shelleys’ and Godwins’ work means to them. This website is a fascinating collection of information, resources, and media that will help your students studying poetry or British literature learn more about this fascinating family.

Full disclosure: Because only three contestants entered the competition, all three of us were awarded the prize: a copy of Shelley’s Ghost: Reshaping the Image of a Literary Family by Stephen Hebron and Elizabeth C. Denlinger.

I hope the Bodleian will make the website a permanent exhibit.