Today I re-uploaded entries from June 2005 to October 2005, but I didn’t finish with October yet.  I suppose this is one reason to be glad I’m not a prolific blogger!

I received my course schedule for next year today.  It looks like I’ll be teaching:

  • 9th grade Honors Grammar, Composition, and Literature
  • 9th grade CP Grammar, Composition, and Literature
  • 10th grade CP2 American Literature and Composition
  • 10th grade Writing Seminar
  • 12th grade CP Short Story and Composition (1st semester)
  • 12th grade CP Drama and Composition (2nd semester)

Incidentally, CP means college prep.  We have two college prep levels; one is for students who need extra scaffolding and support.

I initially didn’t really want to teach 9th grade, but I must admit that I am very excited about it.  I hope I’ll get a chance to teach British Lit. in 2007-2008.  It didn’t work out for me this year for a variety of reasons.

Now that I know what I’m teaching, I guess I don’t have any excuses for not planning.  Boy, I have a lot of summer reading to do.

2 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. I got my tentative program as well, with strong emphasis on tentative! i guess that's one of the downfalls of working in the public systems…programs tend to change a lot come september, depending on enrollments, teachers hired (or not hired) and teachers who wait until august to resign. But so far, i'm teaching four sections of tenth grade and one of eleventh, i believe. one of the tenth grade sections is an honors class which is not saying much in my school but i'm excited to try and make the course more rigorous. i'm counting on the hope that the kids will feel superspecial being in an honors class that they will be motivated to do the extra work. its fun to be able to say, "we do it like this because its honors!" lol.

  2. Sorry British Lit didn't work out for you this year. I really enjoyed 9th grade, and I hadn't wanted to teach that grade either.

    Hope you're enjoying your summer!

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