Professional Development Goals

Florida High School Football Field GoalYou know how you’re supposed to visualize where you want to be 1, 5, 10 years from now so that you can plan how to get there? I’ve been thinking about what I want to do professionally.

In one year’s time, I will be finished with my ITMA degree. I don’t have any desire to change schools, but I would like to start thinking about teaching or co-teaching some technology courses in addition to my English courses. I’m not sure if that will work because my schedule depends on the needs of my school.

In five year’s time, I hope to have begun the process for becoming a National Board Certified Teacher. I know it’s a difficult process, and I also will not be compensated any extra amount of money for doing it, but I would like to have the certification that says I could teach anywhere in the States. I would also like to have begun work on a professional book, but I admit I’m not sure what it would be about. I definitely need to do something with the novels I’ve written. Sigh. That takes a lot of time, and I don’t know how to go about it. I need an “in” in the publishing industry. Know anyone?

I can’t think ten years down the road at the moment, aside from a very strong desire to be able to do more traveling.

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4 thoughts on “Professional Development Goals”

  1. Dana, I've been thinking about this lately, but I find it hard to fit into the 1-5-10 framework. Maybe that's due to my own life and situation, or maybe it's more connected to teaching itself?

    I have a few long-term goals–a travel grant I'd like to win at my school, NEH summer institutes, the TSI one summer, getting another advanced degree, but I guess I hope to have all of these accomplished within the next ten years, rather than being able to pin them down more narrowly.

  2. Dana-

    Have you ever considered self-publication for your novels? Getting one out there published yourself, but for sale to anyone, could get your name out there in the publishing world…

    1. Already tried that with the first (see the sidebar), but it doesn't seem to have generated much interest or sales beyond my family.

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