Pretty British Literature Handouts

Partly because I am trying to show off the pretty handouts I have created using Apple iWorks’s Pages, and partly because I wanted to try out Issuu, here is a collection of handouts for British literature.

What a pretty way to share handouts!

16 thoughts on “Pretty British Literature Handouts”

    1. They look pretty good. When I print them at work, I print them right to the copier instead of printing and then photocopying. If you are able to do that, they turn out all right. Not as good as in full color, though. I actually have shared them via website or email and had the kids print them for color versions.

  1. I looked at the info online about iWorks and Pages itself. This is the first time I've wanted a Mac since I became computer savvy in the late 1990s. *sigh*

  2. Sigh…that is pretty awesome. I wonder if the Mac guy at our school got the go-ahead to purchase these new programs. Maybe I'll use Mac at school to do stuff. We're such a PC school though…and it's what I'm familiar with. Using Mac usually frustrates me b/c I don't know it well.

    1. The program isn't expensive—$79.00. It's bundled with Keynote and Numbers, which are like PowerPoint and Excel. Plus there are tutorials on Apple's website. I think any time you're working with a new system, there is a learning curve, but Pages is a lot like Word. With the exception of the beautiful templates.

  3. Thank you for an amazing resource! I think I might be having a seizure, there's so much great stuff here. I found your blog as part of an assignment for a class on excellent teaching, and you certainly fit the bill! Cheers!

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