New Theme

I have changed the look of the blog after having the same theme for some time.  I realize some of the familiar navigation links are not yet available.  I will make all the alterations I need to make for those links to appear.

The header image is courtesy of my husband.  One of my colleagues told me that she happened upon an intersection of Huff Rd. and English St. — right here in Atlanta, and I never even knew about it — and I knew I had to make a photo of the intersection sign my header.  Well, the problem was that I’m OCD enough that the colors not matching any longer really bothered me.  Thus, a whole new look.

I’ll get the old links up soon.

3 thoughts on “New Theme”

  1. I've always kind of liked this WP theme — it never worked for the kind of look I am going for at my blog but I like the simple, clean fonts and lines. And nice catch with the street signs. Anyhow, the blog looks great.

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