Moving from Delicious to Diigo

I have been a Delicious user for nearly four years.  I love it that I no longer lose my bookmarks and can take them with me from computer to computer.  I love it that I can share my bookmarks with others and tag them according to a folksonomy that makes sense to me and enables others to find them.  I have no intention of closing my Delicious account, but I have exported my Delicious bookmarks to Diigo.  I also set up my Diigo account to post my new Diigo bookmarks to Delicious for users who know me better over there, so you don’t have to change a thing if you are subscribed to my Delicious bookmarks.  You’ll still get new bookmarks.

It isn’t that I have any problems with Delicious at all; it’s just that Diigo is more versatile.  Using the Diigo toolbar, I can annotate Web pages that I visit.  Finally, users can mark up the Web like they mark up other reading they do.  Annotation allows me to comment on what I see, interact with other commenters, or simply take notes.  The toolbar also allows me to automatically save and/or e-mail links.  Delicious allows for the same type of sharing, but it lacks the annotation component.  Therefore, you will now see my latest Diigo bookmarks in the sidebar, courtesy a linkroll widget Diigo provides.  I am also able to easily share bookmarks with groups, which I have begun doing, as I am a member of Diigo in Education, English Teachers, and Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom groups at Diigo.  I was even able to create a group for my students.  It’s invitation-only, but all the links I post to that group will be saved to my bookmarks, too.  I think you can see the group, but you won’t be able to join it or post to it unless I invite you, and in order to make this place my students’ own, I have decided to invite only students.

You will have to decide whether Diigo or Delicious is better for you.  I have nothing but positive things to say about either social bookmarking system, but the good news is that you don’t have to choose one over the other to keep up with my bookmarks.  With Diigo, I can crosspost, and you won’t miss a thing.

4 thoughts on “Moving from Delicious to Diigo”

  1. I am so with you on Diigo's versatility! I was skeptical when I first read about it, but I have never looked back. I am actually quite surprised it hasn't caught on faster, but I guess these things take time, especially when it sounds at first like another service (Delicious) someone is already using.

    Just a note: I can see 5 bookmarks in your school group, actually. Weird, since it's supposed to be invite only.

    (I found your post because @Diigo shared it!

    1. I set it to invite only in terms of joining the group and posting links, but the actual links are public in case they are of use to anyone.

  2. Aha, I see. Very cool. I haven't used groups in Diigo yet, but I might have to consider it. I am teach ESL in Germany right now, but might be back to teaching composition in the US in the near future.

  3. I'm happy to hear this about your choice of using Diigo in preference to Delicious. I see that you've been involved with technology for a while, and I only started using delicious and diigo a few months ago. I initially started with delicious, but loved the annotation capabilities of Diigo the moment I heard about it.

    And although I'm not a huge fan of Twitter, Diigo was very responsive when I started tweeting about not understanding how to incorporate my diigo lists into a wiki.

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