on Repair

Much apologies to my visitors as I try to repair the damage done when my old host, Maxipoint, Ltd., decided to take down my site without telling me first and went days without explanation, by which time I tired of their shoddy business practices and non-existent support and moved in at Bluehost.

It will take some time to get this site back in the shape it was in. Unfortunately, I believe most of my blog entries are lost forever. My former host is either unwilling or does not know how to give me access to my files.

So far, I have managed to restore

Please note that the music files in the Radio Blogs on The Great Gatsby Treasure Hunt, Romanticism, and Zora Neale Hurston are not yet functional. I will be working on restoring these this evening and will update when I have.

Please bear with me as I rebuild this site.

Update: I am unable to get the Radio Blog files to work, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.  I will keep at it and let you know what happens.

4 thoughts on “ on Repair”

  1. Ms. Huff,

    I have read the Great Gatsbay (I did it on the way to Australia).

    What else is there that I should do?

    What are we up to in class?

    Please e-mail me,


  2. I have, and I think the site is too new to have been indexed. I did manage to rebuild some of it using Yahoo's cache, but Google apparently cached the pages after the site went down. I'm still working on getting it up and running. The carnival will be on hiatus until I get everything squared away. I need to update that at the Blog Carnival site.

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