Hanging Out a Shingle

Defender Approaching DefeatI have begun research into consulting, and I have decided to hang out my shingle as a consultant in integrating technology (especially Web 2.0 tools) into instruction and perhaps backwards design planning. I registered a domain for my Web site, which I began building using iWeb. I may play around with Dreamweaver or do some handcoding–not sure yet. At any rate, I wish this domain had been available when I purchased huffenglish.com, which I chose because the one I wanted was unavailable at the time. I will provide more details once I’ve done more research, planning, and development, but I am fairly excited about going in this direction, as some of my colleagues have been trying to convince me I should for some time. It was very helpful to pick Jim Burke and Angela Stockman‘s brains about getting started, and both were helpful (especially Angela, who hung out her shingle about a year ago and is doing very well).

I am certainly open to suggestions if there is something you have identified that you think I have done well and would be able to teach others to do.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Vicki & Chuck Rogers

3 thoughts on “Hanging Out a Shingle”

  1. Good luck, Dana! You are already a great resource and provider of support for other educators–seems like a logical next-step.

  2. Dana,

    What are Web 2.0 tools? Is that just regular internet usage? I hope this works out for you.

    1. Don, Web 2.0 tools are blogs, wikis, Twitter, Facebook: tools that users can use to create content and collaborate and network online. Of course, I'm only scratching the surface, but you get the idea. It's less passive and more active than regular Internet usage.

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