Grad School

I have a genuine dilemma on my hands — one I’ve been wrestling with for a few years, actually. What am I going to do about grad school? I have been teaching for seven years with a bachelor’s. Beginning a master’s within three years was sort of a condition of my being hired. I don’t have the first clue what I want to actually study in grad school. Do I want to get a degree in Education? I’m already certified, so I wouldn’t have to go that route. English? If so, what area? I don’t even know my options. I am limited in that I will need to go nights (but not Wednesdays, because my husband is lead tenor in church choir), weekends, or summers only. I will not leave my teaching position to further my education, even though it would be cool if my school options were a bit more wide. I need to look at schools in the Atlanta area. I graduated from UGA, but I don’t think I want to commute that far to school. I may not even be able to do it.

Surfing college websites hasn’t helped me much. I need to find a good, reputable school that has an online master’s program so I am not limited to what’s in my area. Any ideas?