Georgia DOE Excellence Recognition Program

The Georgia DOE recognized me for being the Georgia Council of Teachers of English High School Teacher of the Year.

State Superintendent Brad Bryant, me, and Sixth Congressional District Board Member Robert "Buzz" Law

It was a nice ceremony, mainly because the announcers took time to tell the audience all about the people being recognized. Often it seems these kinds of things are a blitz of names, and you don’t really have an understanding why anyone is being recognized. You can view other pictures from the event here. You should have seen the student writers being recognized for being state winners of the Georgia Young Authors Writing Competition. The young ones were especially cute. I liked hearing about the stories they wrote.

The DOE also recognized two other English teachers, winners of USDA awards for school nutrition, the School Bus Technician of the Year, and winners of Georgia Association of Educational Leaders awards. I was honored to be in such company, especially the student writers.

6 thoughts on “Georgia DOE Excellence Recognition Program”

  1. Congratulations! You deserve the recognition! I have been a fan of yours from afar for several years now and I am amazed at all that you are able to accomplish. I have often wished that you could come to Valdosta, GA and do a workshop for my department…you are awesome!

  2. Dana, I'm so glad that you were recognized at the DOE board meeting. They contacted us to get the winners' addresses, and then we did not hear anything else from them. Do you have pictures of any of the other English teachers who were recognized with you? We'd love to use them in our GCTE member newsletter if you do and would give us permission.

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