Can someone tell me why Facebook doesn’t allow users to search using both graduation year and major as criteria?  Or am I missing something?  I wind up having to wade through hundreds of grads when I’m only looking for classmates, or I wind up wading through hundreds of English Education majors that didn’t even go to UGA.  It seems obvious to me that searches should be able to be narrowed by both major and graduation year.

Anyway, I’m looking for classmates who graduated from UGA with an English Education major in 1997 (Bachelor’s or Master’s), especially folks who were in Mark and Sally’s group.  If that’s you, I’d love to re-establish contact.

One thought on “Classmates”

  1. Yeah, no kidding. I've wished the same thing so many times… I got a music degree from a smallish department in a huge University. So I'd have to wade through something like a thousand people to find my actual friends.

    And wouldn't it be nice if they had a way to skip to a letter in the alphabet in that list of 1,00, instead of having to look through 20people at a time?

    Hmmm… maybe I should be writing their tech geeks instead of commenting here.

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