Civil Rights and Rock and Roll Journey, Day 3

After Midnight.

At night we went to the Rum Boogie Café — a blues bar at 3rd and Beale. It was great to hear live music again. I really wanted to dance, and I wished Steve were here to dance with. It was fun to watch the kids dance.

The Rum Boogie Café (sorry for the poor quality):

Rum Boogie Cafe

Inside Rum Boogie:

Inside Rum Boogie

Serendipity once again — I turned on PBS and Kelly Richey — a phenomenal woman guitarist is on. She could hold her own with any man and proves women can rock. Too many female artists aren’t doing what she’s doing. They sing pop tripe or go too heavy metal glam. Kelly Richey is blues rock. Never heard of her before. Now I’ll look her up online when I get home. This program is at the Master Musicians Festival. Her group is the Kelly Richey Band. Why haven’t I heard of her? [Note: check out Kelly Richey at her MySpace page, too; you can listen to a few tunes there.]

Tomorrow we go to Graceland, which is what I was really looking forward to. I wish I had a real day off between this trip and school.

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