I started my master’s degree on Monday, and I have been so busy!  I had a problem with direct deposit and my student loan, so I had to wait until today to get a new computer for school.  The nice Mac iBook that Betsy gave me months ago died.  It made me very sad.  Well, I probably needed to go ahead and get a new computer for school because of the type of degree I’m pursuing.  For those of you who joined me late or forgot, I’m working on an ITMA (Instructional Technology Master’s Degree) at Virginia Tech.  So far, I am enjoying the program, although I had trouble doing assignments at school because I was so frequently interrupted.  One of our first assignments (which is fairly common, I would imagine, among online programs) was to introduce ourselves to our classmates via a listserv.  It looks like I will be learning with some interesting folks.  Some of us have already found each other on Facebook. I already submitted a few assignments.  I think as I go further into the program, I will begin to learn more interesting things.  It looks like the introductory classes are designed to make sure everyone has the requisite skills, so they’re not too challenging, but as I’ve taken on a leadership role in my department at school, it’s good for me to start slow.

Speaking of which, I am enjoying my role as department chair.  My department is hard-working and professional, and just a real treat to work with.  I think at this point we’re all just about done with summer reading.  I am really enjoying my Hero with a Thousand Faces elective.  I set up a closed network for the class on Ning, and I really like it.

I mentioned I bought a new computer.  One of my students told me that a former student of mine works at the Apple store at the mall not far from our school.  I messaged him on Facebook with several questions, and he was so helpful.  I bought a computer from him today — it’s a new MacBook.  I am totally in love with it.  I was able to get a free iPod Touch (as part of a promotion for college students and eductators).  Well, it will be free once I get the rebate.  I wish I had been able to afford the printer today — it, too, would have been free, but I had to purchase it first and then obtain the rebate, and I couldn’t quite swing it.  However, I do feel ready for school now, and perhaps I’ll feel a little less frantic.  Also, I might actually be able to update this blog once in a while.

For those of you who haven’t heard the news, it looks like local school system Clayton County has indeed lost their accreditation.  It’s very sad for the students and the teachers that the board leadership so mishandled the system’s affairs that SACS felt they had no other choice.  I am warily allowing comments on this post regarding this sad news, but I remind new visitors that unless you abide by the posted comments policy, your comment will not appear.

4 thoughts on “Busy!”

  1. I went to VA Tech! Go Hokies!! I assume you're doing that degree remotely, since it sounds from your posts like you're somewhere here in Georgia.

  2. Yes, Adrienne, I live in Roswell. I am taking courses online. The beauty of this program is that I can do the entire degree online. Most online degree programs want you to go to the physical school for some of the classes. This program is really flexible.

  3. I can sympathize and empathize!

    1) I am undertaking a curriculum internship this semester…have to log 125 hours on this project! Most of my grad. hours to complete my endorsements in principalship and curriculum have been online and have been a very positive experience. It saved me many hours in travel time and expense.

    2) Last year my external hard drive crashed…and I had not backed up in way too long! Closest I have come to making myself physically sick over such an incident. I lost hundreds of hours of work. Please do what I did not do…back up often!

    3) Not sure exactly what is happening in the situation with the school you mentioned, but three years ago our school had to shut its doors due to falling enrollment, a number set by our state department. I can only equate it to a death…so hard. But God provides…and I enjoy where I teach now. Where one door shuts…another one opens.

    Good luck as you begin another adventure!

  4. Tammy, it's not one school, it's a whole school system that lost its accreditation. Thank goodness I am not affected — I don't teach there, and my children are not Clayton County students — but I am very sad for the teachers and students affected.

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